AAT - Aditive and Alternative Technologies - 2331503

The aim of the subject is to acquaint students with the possibilities of additive technologies in the areas of rapid prototyping of products and standard industrial production processes.

AMP - Automation of assembly processes - 2341102

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the planning and design of automated handling and assembly systems. Attention is paid to individual concepts of process solutions in terms of installation flexibility for Industry 4.0.

APOS - Automation of machine tool programming - 2342032

Utilizations of computer technique for preparation of NC programs for lathe and milling machinery. Utilizations of probes on CNC machine tool.

BP - Bachelor Thesis - 2343991

Work on specialized tasks related to the focus of a thesis.

BP - Bachelor thesis - 2343993

Sources of information in the field. Databases and corporate literature. Normalization. Search activity. News from the field of engineering technology. Principles of research and work in laboratories. The principles of work safety in technological devices. Work on specialized tasks related to the focus of a thesis.

DP - Diploma Thesis - 2343998

Sources of information in the field. Databases and corporate literature. Normalization. Search activity. News from the field of engineering technology. Principles of research and work in laboratories. The principles of work safety in technological devices. Work on specialized tasks related to the focus of a thesis.

II - Innovation engineering - 2346009

Theory of innovation, technology innovation - function and control, creative work and its support in technology innovation bussiness, including industrial property rights protection.

KCCS - Complex CAD/CAM systems - 2346017

The goal of the course is to provide for the student the knowledge about complex usage of CAD/CAM sofware in technological process. Students will work with a large SW for product lifecycle management (PLM) and they will create a huge semestral project combining the design, technology and the manufacturing on CNC machine.

KVS - Manufacturing quality - 2346016

The course is designed for Faculty of Mechanical Engineering students. The course intedroduce to the basic principles and tools of quality management with regard to engineering. Students will be theoretically prepared for meeting quality system in the factory.

MVPS - Manufacturing processes and systems modelling - 2341017

Theory and methodics of manufacturing processes and systems modelling.

NTO - Non-convetional material removal processes - 2341082

Basic working principles, current machining apllications, future development. Electrodischarge machining - principle, mechanism of material removal, hole and 3 - D schapes production, wire electrodischarge maschining. The utilization of the energy beams for machining - laser, electron and ion beams, plasma arc. Electrochemical machining - basic principle, applications, full - form shaping. Chemical machining. Water - jet and ultrasonic machining. Technological, economical and surface quality consideration when using nonconventional processes.Environmental and Safety Aspacts of Electrophysical and Electrochemical Processes.

OP - Project - 2342091

The course is intended as preparation for writing a bachelor thesis. An individual project is made according to the demanded student specialization the student wants to focus on in bachelor thesis. After selection of topic literary research is made, information are processed and a individually prepared report is submitted as possible part of future bachelor thesis. Training of presenting skills and speech in front of audience is included in this course.

ON - Cutting tools - 2341002

Cutting tools characteristics. Cutting materials including heat treatment and surface finish, application fields. Cutting tool geometry, determination and measurement. Cutting tools elements design. Cutting tools design including dimensioning. Cutting tools production. Basic tools groups description and their use (turning tools, milling tools, etc.). Special cutting tools. Grinding, use and maintenance of cutting tools.

OP - Practice - 2346060

Study visit at an industrial partner in field of manufacturing technology. The opportunity to work on a smaller technological project. Termination report certified by company.

OOP - Optimisation of machining processes - 2341025

Economy of machining, machining costs. Importance of the optimisation of machining (cutting) processes. Trends in the development of cutting tools. Cutting tools optimisation. Variants in the optimisation of cutting conditions and tools life, single path optimisation, more complicated optimisations. Criteria for optimisations, restrictive conditions and their mathematical formulations. Possible solution regions. Step by step procedure for the optimisation of machining processes. Complex optimisation procedures. Optimum tool life. Optimisation SW. Stochastics of machining processes. Optimisation data. Optimisation with monitoring and adaptive control of machining processes.

PMTO - Advanced measurement in machining technology - 2346008

The newest methods for measurement in machining technology will be taught in the subject. The principle and object of measurement; function, assembly and operation of measuring devices; processing and interpretation of results with discussion of consequences for practice will be practiced. Then, the possibilities of changes in working conditions will be discussed.
The theory of phenomenons and practical skills by means of measuring tasks will be taught in this subject. Course will be focused mainly on measurement in these topics: cutting tools and workpieces (microscope, CCD cam), surface integrity measurement (surface roughness - contact and contactless, microhardness, hardness, residual stress, accuracy), tool setting and balancing, cutting forces, temperatures, simulation of cutting process and chatter of machine tool-tool-workpiece system.

PCS - CNC Machining Practical Class - 2346018

Students will work in a selected SW in our laboratory and they will be supported by all necessary techniques. Later on they will work separately on their own projects where they will create the partprogram and NC code intended for machining on milling machine tools. Project will end by real machining on a machine tool.

POCS - Programming of metal cutting on CNC machines - 2341066

Processing mock-up for casting, let us say mock-up of die tool models to the form of NC programme for CNC controlled milling machine. Usage of CAM system. Optimalization of tool paths with reference to cycle time and achieved quality of finished machined surface.

PRO3 - Project III. - 2342114

Course is focused on solving a complex tasts from the field of machining, process planning and metrology.

PVP - Manufacturing process planning - 2341515

Subject, content, division and tasks of a Manufacturing processes planning. Stages and phases in the manufacturing processes and systems planning. Raw material planning. Cutting plans. Design for Manufacturing. Production and materials costs. Allowances. Factors of an accuracy in the manufacturing processes. Determination of the suitable machines, machine-tools and tools from the point of view economy and technology. Methods of evaluation alternatives of the manufacturing processes plans. Using of the decision (deciding) analysis.Sortiment analysis. Classification and classifications systems. Computer aided Process and Systems Planning. System ASEPO. Group technology. Conditions for NC Machine-Tools application. Optimized productivity of the machines. Optimal manufacturing technology for important group of parts. Methodology of an internal assembly process planning.

PVS - Manufacturing systems design - 2341004

The course deals with the teory and engineering metods of a manufacturing desing.

PMTR - Industrial metrology - 2341702

Theoretical introduction to measurement on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Students will acquainted familiar with the construction and sensors of CMM. They will gain important knowledge of computer tomography and reverse engineering. We introduce them to the CMM application in industry. This is related to method of MSA, including the determination of measurement uncertainty.

QUA - Quality - 2341080

In this course students are acquainted with basic concepts and documents in the field of quality management. Furthermore with the role of metrology in quality management systems and basic statistical methods used for quality assurance.

ØJ - Quality control - 2342005

Basic quality control terms, where is quality created, who is responsible for a quality. Basic statistical terms and distributions. Statistical methods: statistical process control, statistical sampling. Tools and methods for a quality assurance during product lifetime cycle. Standards 9 000 and 14 000, certification of quality control systems.

STE2 - Technology II. seminar - 2346007

This seminar is intended to exercise and deepen student’s knowledge from the course Technology II. In this course students will have a chance to practice the numerical exercises from cutting conditions calculation, machinability and Taylor's equation. In this course the consultations of the semestral project from Technology II will be presented.

STO - Special machining technology - 2341068

Development of cutting material, cutting speed development and consequences on the properties of surface finish. Hard and precision machining, engineering economics and ecology.Influence of surface layer and selecting methods of machining process parameters. New methods of abrasive machining, grinding of ceramics, grinding difficult-materials. Expert, adaptive and intelligent control systems, abrasive processes. Physical methods of machining, manufacturing methods and gear threading, finishing methods. Technology in the aerospace industries, automotive, energy and other areas.

MTR - Mechanical engineering metrology - 2341001

Metrology, intergration into quality control, legal metrology, metrology system. Geometrical quantities metrology. Measurement uncertainty. Primary and secondary standarts. Measurement in 1, 2, end 3 coordinates. Laserinterferometres and their applications. Geometrical surface properties. Form - and position deviations. Surface structure - roughness, wawiness. Measurement automatisation.

TNJM - Technical standardization, quality, metrology - 2342119

The course aims to zoom coherence to students of technical standardization, metrology and quality and to acquaint them with the basic themes of these fields.

TE2 - Technology II. - 2341014

Mechanics of chip formation, cutting processes, finishing operations, non-traditional machining processes. Production rates calculation, machining economics. Automation of processes, programming of manufacture. Engineering metrology. Assembly techniques. Introduction to process planing.

TOC - Machining technology with CAM - 2341063

CAM systems for NC program generation for milling and turning operation. CAM system structure and new CNC technologies.

TAP - Technology of automotive production - 2341076

Materials and stock (blanks) used in manufacture. Welding, stamping, casting and pressing technologies. Machining and finishing methods. Assembly and metrology. Process planing and plant layout planning. Everything focused on automotive production.

TMO - Theory and methodology of machining - 2341012

Mechanics of chip formation, primary and secondary deformation in chip formation, built-up edge formation, effect of cutting tool geometry on these factors, forces in cutting, vibrations and temperatures, reasons and forms of tool wear, tool life, machinability, cutting ability and cutting medium.

ZSM - Fundamentals of coordinate measuring - 2346015

The aim is to familiarize students with current issues of coordinate measurement in industrial production and to teach them the basics of measurement on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Students are acquainted with the construction of CMM probe systems with modern technology (touch and proximity) and measurement principles in 3D. Practically, then try creating a measurement plan for a given component in the Calypso software, including simulation of measurement and preparation of protocols.

ZT2 - Fundamentals of technology II. - 2343038

Introduction to machining. Principle of cutting process. Working parameters. Cutting tools - general characteristics, geometry, designation and symbols. The basic machining processes, their mechanics, equipment, conditions, material removal rate determination. The shapes produced, commercial tolerance and surface finish obtained. Laboratories.

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