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PLOG - Industrial logistics - 2345001

  • Course language(s): Czech
  • Keywords: logistics; supply; inventory; manufacturing process design; distribution; transportation; storage; handling of material; process planning control
  • Prerequisities: Knowledges of manufactruring processes planning and technology of cutting metals, machining and assembly, and production methods of raw materials and design of drawings and process planning sheets. Basic knowledgws in an area of systematic handling analysis and industrial logistic. Hand over of the semestral report.
  • KOS component course information



Study programme







Academic year: 2017/18
1 individual
(for all programmes)  3+1 ca E 4 L  


Subject, content, division and tasks of an Industrial logistics. Logistic's aims and activities in the manufacturing processes. Industrial logistic's systems and it´s conceptions. Technological elements for the industrial logistics. Computer aided logistics and mathematical methods usually used in these.Transportation, interoperation and operation handling of material, storage and stock optimization. Systematic handling analysis and the material´s flow logistics. Theory of Inventory. Reordering systems. Logistical Audit.

Goals of study

There is a main aim to learn students modern methodology of industrial logistics in an area of manufacturing, distribution and purchasing.

Course curriculum

  1. Industrial logistic's aims, activities and costs. Basic of the subject, division and classification.
  2. Logistical Resources Planning. Subsystems DRP, CRP, MRP, MPS and it's neiborough space.
  3. Industrial Logistics as an integrated system.
  4. Supply, purchasing and providing logistics.
  5. Supply oriented on the sortiment analysis.
  6. Manufactiring logistics. Basic on manufacturing process and systems planning from the logistics point of view.
  7. Manufacturing processes space and time structure. Lead time.
  8. Systematic Handling Analysis in the Manufacturing.
  9. Storage, transportation and handling of material subsystems.
  10. Process planning control in the logistics. KAN BAN and Just-in-Time strategies.
  11. Distribution's logistics. Order realization. Inspection of services for the customers.
  12. Logistic's Information Systems and it's main parts. Models of a demand prediction.
  13. Logistical technologies. Fundamentals on a horizontal structure of a logistical control. Decoupling point. Reordering systems. Basic on the logistical systems planning. Technology for the logistics and basic methods of simulations. Logistical Audit.

Training course curriculum

  1. Logistic's model of a small manufactruring company.
  2. System of logistical points on purchasing. Order cycle and it's computation.
  3. Logistic's project. Part I.
  4. Test for an inspection.
  5. Logistic's project. Part II. and an evaluation.
  6. Synchronious strategies for the supply.Structural model and balance sheet method.
  7. Demand prediction. Forecast demand trend jump. Control test.


  • Preclík,V.: Průmyslová logistika, monografie, Nakladatelství ČVUT 2006 ()

Recommended literature

  • Gross, I.: Logistika, VŠCHT 1999 ()

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