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PVP - Manufacturing process planning - 2341515, 2342045, E341515

  • Course language(s): Czech, English
  • Keywords: manufacturing process; process plan; precision of the production; election of raw material; cutting of parts; assembly; design for
  • Prerequisities: Knowledges of technology of cutting metals, machining and assembly, and production methods of raw materials and design of drawings and process planning sheets. Hand over of the semestral report.
  • KOS component course information



Course code


Study programme







Academic year: 2017/18
1 Czech 2341515 bachelor
Production and economics in engineering  2+2 a,ex O 4 5 Technology, Materials and Economy in Engineering
2 Czech 2341515 bachelor
Production and economics in engineering  10/4 a,ex O 4 5 Technology, Materials and Economy in Engineering
3 Czech 2342045 master
Mechanical engineering  2+1 ca OE 4 2 Enterprise Management and Economics
4 Czech 2342045 master
Mechanical engineering  10/4 ca OE 4 2 Enterprise Management and Economics
5 English E341515 bachelor
ERASMUS  2+2 a,ex E 4 5 ERASMUS


Subject, content, division and tasks of a Manufacturing processes planning. Stages and phases in the manufacturing processes and systems planning. Raw material planning. Cutting plans. Design for Manufacturing. Production and materials costs. Allowances. Factors of an accuracy in the manufacturing processes. Determination of the suitable machines, machine-tools and tools from the point of view economy and technology. Methods of evaluation alternatives of the manufacturing processes plans. Using of the decision (deciding) analysis.Sortiment analysis. Classification and classifications systems. Computer aided Process and Systems Planning. System ASEPO. Group technology. Conditions for NC Machine-Tools application. Optimized productivity of the machines. Optimal manufacturing technology for important group of parts. Methodology of an internal assembly process planning.

Goals of study

There is a main aim to learn students modern theory and methodology of manufacturing processes design including economic optimal choice of raw material and its production in this subject.

Conditions for obtaining assessment

  1. good attendance
  2. brief report hand over

Course curriculum

  1. Stages and phases of the manufacturing process planning. Diagrams Product-Quantity and it´s using in process planning. Concentration of the manufacturing operations. Importance of points and systems of time classification.
  2. Row material suggestion. Methods of the production. Cutting plans. Using of material factor. Costs.
  3. Allowances and methods it´s detrmination. Design for manufacturing
  4. Manufacturing process and working operations analysis.
  5. Precision of the production. Tolerances and precision determination. Probability keeping of the precise dimensions.
  6. Project of the suitable machine-tools and tools for the manufacturing of parts from point of view technology and economy.
  7. Process plan alternatives evaluation. Time and costs of the production.
  8. Critical batch and critical manufactured amount (of peaces). Using of muticriterion decision analysis.
  9. Sortiment of the parts and assembly group analysis. Classification´s systems.
  10. Computer aided process planning. Systems ASEPO, SYSKLASS and others.
  11. Importance of the technological charakteristics. Group technology. Standard manufacturing workplaces project. Basic conditions for NC machines.
  12. Optimized productivity of machines. Optimized manufacturing technology and methods for the important group of machined parts (shaftlikes, gears).
  13. Methodology for the internal Assembly Process and Systems Planning.

Training course curriculum

  1. Design for Manufacturing analysis.
  2. Project of the optimized manufacturing of choosen part in items.
  3. Project of the raw material for cutting part, it´s dimensions and methods of the productions in items points, allowances determination, normal consumption of material and determination of the coefficient using of the material.
  4. Determination the number of operations of manufacturing, heat treatment and inspection. Determination of the type and size of machine tools and accesories for the production.
  5. Specification of tools (normal and special).
  6. Determination technological and technical-economical conditions for items operation and technological part of operation. Calculation of the time standards.


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Recommended literature

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